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Avon Lake Tires

We are known for being the #1 auto repair facility in the area! If you have been wondering whether your vehicle needs new tires, you can count on our technicians to help. If your tires are worn out, damaged, or leaking, you need new tires. It’s easy to see if your tires are damaged or leaking, but it can be harder to determine if they are worn out or not. Unlike filters and spark plugs, tires do not require replacing at specific mileage intervals. Tires may show wear after 30,000 to 40,000 miles, but can typically last up to 50,000 or 60,000 miles. Whenever Avon Lake residents need to have their tires evaluated, the only name they need to know is Automotive Specialty Services!

Avon Lake Tire Shop

Avon Lake, Ohio is located in Lorain County, with over 24,000 residents. Automotive Specialty Services is approximately five miles south of Avon Lake at: 1049 Center Road in Avon. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), close to 11,000 accidents occur each year due to tires failing. This is the reason that NHTSA suggests that Avon Lake drivers conduct an inspection of their vehicles’ tires once a month in order to reduce their chances of becoming a statistic. The following are some of the irregularities Avon Lake drivers should be looking for:

  • Bulges, gouges or cracks in tires
  • Drop in air pressure during hot or cold weather may result in excessive heat build-up
  • Tire inflation pressure
  • Tread wear in tires
  • Vibration.

Although weak tires may not necessarily cause driving issues, they may affect the distance necessary to stop your vehicle on a rough surface. Enhanced body sway may also affect the ability to prevent skidding on slippery surfaces. One thing is certain – replacing your tires will firm-up the quality of your ride.

Avon Lake Tire Store

We offer gas-charged tires that have high pressure nitrogen gas to minimize foaming in the hydraulic fluid. We also have ‘heavy-duty’ tires that have wider diameter pistons than stock. Our tire shop is also an option for ‘overload’ or ‘air-assist’ tires, which allow people to tow a trailer or haul extra cargo.

If you need help determining if your tires need replaced, give us a call at 440-937-2886! We will perform a FREE Tire Inspection and answer all of your questions.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5:30pm.



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